Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring "Honey-Do" List

A few weeks ago I was trying to change a light bulb in my pantry. This is what happened: The darn fixture came right out of the ceiling and I still couldn't remove the bulb cover! Then lightening struck twice. I was attempting to change the battery in the upstairs smoke detector and this happened:
It came right out of the ceiling! What's a girl to do? Especially a single one with no experience fixing things like this! Fortunately, I have a "handyman" I can call. He is a very nice guy whose business is doing odd jobs--or big jobs, depending on what you need. It is very difficult to find someone to do little things like this, or hanging curtain rods, or replacing leaky faucets, or fixing storm doors when your son goes running in to one and breaks the thingy at the top that keeps the door from slamming. I have had him do all of this, and more. I joke with him that I have a "honey-do" list of small but necessary repairs about two or three times a year. He will stop by and spend a few hours completing my list. After a couple of hours here yesterday, I now have:
A new pantry light

And two new smoke detectors, upstairs and downstairs.
He also readied Jonathan's bike for spring, adjusting the seat and training wheels and inflating the tires after it sat in the garage all winter.
He works for a very reasonable wage, charging $50.00 for an afternoon's work. He calls his business Ken's Handy Ministry and says he started it primarily because so many older folks needed little things done and could find no one to do them. I am very grateful I found him. It helps me to maintain my home by doing small repairs before they become major issues, at a price I can afford.

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