Friday, March 11, 2011

It ain't always a walk in the park....

If you look at the "about me" on my blog home page, you will see I invited you to join me in my joys, and also my challenges.
This has been a challenging morning. It's 11 a.m. We've had two time outs already. Someone is whiny and clingy and just plain grumpy. I know that's how kids operate, but it is hard sometimes.
I've noticed that Jonathan goes through "stages" where he is extra clingy, or extra naughty, or tries to test the limits and assert his independence. Usually not all of these stages at the same time. Usually. Today seems to be the exception!
I try to distract him when possible, or find a project for him to do. Today he is watching too much TV (at least it's PBS Kids!).
One of the most difficult aspects of single parenthood (at any age) is that you are the only one to deal with days like this. I can't take a little break and run out for milk while dad keeps him entertained, or ask grandma to stop by for an hour or two. And none of the "just wait until your dad gets home!" stuff for me.
Fortunately, days like this are, if not rare, at least infrequent. I'm still right where I want to be.

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