Sunday, March 6, 2011

Preschool Letter "U"

This is letter "U" week at preschool and I have been wondering what to take for treats for this letter. Monday's thematic learning class is "Under the Big Top". They are going to learn all about the circus and perform in their very own circus at the end of the day!

I found these cute clown cookies at a local bakery and put them in red & white treat bags, tied with tickets left over from Jonathan's birthday party last summer.

The Tues./Thurs. class was a little more of a challenge until I realized something. There are two things we love in Kentucky: horses and U.K. basketball. What does "university" start with? A "U", of course!! So each child will get a plastic U.K. cup filled with blue & white shred, U.K. mints and a little basketball. He is taking a ukulele for his "U" Show & Share item.

Next week we will be taking St. Patrick's Day treats, instead of a letter theme treat. I really love making treats for his class!


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