Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Jonathan has had a fun day today, beginning with his breakfast this morning. He loved the green place setting, and the bear. Green is his favorite color!
I packed him an (almost) all green lunch for school. He had a sandwich in a green container, lime Jell-o, green goldfish crackers (yes, I picked the green ones out of the rainbow fish package!), green olives (which he loves) and green grapes.

He's all ready to leave for school in the cute shirt my niece made for him last year. It was a little large last year, which was great, because he could wear it this year, too.

I didn't know his teacher was planning anything for the day, but we were surprised! Seems naughty little leprechauns visited the classroom during the night and wreaked havoc! Tables awry, chairs everywhere, blinds a mess, and notice the upside down "V"s and vase. The calendar was all messed up, too! Little leprechaun footprints were everywhere, and they had taken all of the morning's work papers! The leprechauns left a map, so the kids went on a scavenger hunt following the clues on the map, and found gold covered chocolate coins and little bags of Lucky Charms cereal! See why I love his preschool?

Jonathan and his friends are peeping out of the classroom door as the wait for the only other boy to arrive. They had such a fun day!!

"May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live"

an Irish Proverb

Hope you all had a fun St. Patrick's Day!

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