Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Sick Child, Basketball Games & Snow

This was our week-end:

My son has the virus that won't go away. He's been sick since Friday with an especially nasty virus, fever, throwing up and muscle aches. Look at those little red, fever-flushed cheeks! He has missed his Mon. and Tues. classes, maybe he will be able to go back to school on Thurs.

Here in Kentucky, we bleed blue! The entire state (well, maybe not in area of Louisville...) stands behind our UK boys in blue, even when we have a not-so-good season. But when we are playing in the Elite Eight games, all eyes are glued to the TV screen at game time. My little guy tried to watch the game Sunday afternoon, but just couldn't stay awake. He woke in time to see the end and cheer the Cats to victory! We are so proud of our Wildcats as they move on to the Final Four and are hoping for a national championship!

We had snow. I had the grass cut for the first time on Sat., and it snowed about an inch Sat. night. Just when you think it is spring, Mother Nature decides otherwise. We've had cold temperatures since the week-end and are supposed to get more snow tonight.

Here on Hartland, we are ready for an end to viruses and winter, and a UK win in the NCAA tournament!

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