Friday, June 24, 2011

Science Party: FUN

Jonathan had so much fun at his party. He loved every single scientific demonstration and every hands-on experiment. I truly think each and every one of our guests had fun. Even the parents in attendance enjoyed themselves! Mrs. McDaniel truly made the party special. She was so good with the children and she shows her love of science with her enthusiasm. We were so fortunate she agreed to be our professor!! Take a look at the fun!

Getting the children in a circle, ready to sit down

Tornado in a bottle

Ready for the first hands-on experiment

Air flow demo with balloons

An explosion of color!

Cloud in a bottle-a favorite with the kids

Look at those faces!

More balloon fun

Again, look at those sweet faces!

The "marshmallow masher"

Air/water pressure, another favorite


They listened so intently to instructions

They had a little help when they needed it

The finale, Coke & Mento geysers

Opening presents with each guest

The kids were so precious!

Time for cake

Happy Birthday, Dear Jonathan!

I loved every minute of this party: the planning, searching for all the right products, bringing the months of preparation to fruition, seeing the children learning while having so much fun. I had lots of help along the way: my sister, Pat, was a huge help with every step of the planning, Mrs. McDaniel for volunteering her time and talent and my niece, Michelle, for photographing the party for me. A great big THANK YOU to all of them!
My wish for Jonathan, and for every child, is that they all realize their full potential and be all that they can be.

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