Thursday, June 23, 2011

Science Party: Details, Details!

Attention to detail can make all the difference in the overall look of just about anything. Even if individually they may go unnoticed, I still believe the details make the difference! Here are some of the little things that combined to make the party setting special and unique.
This is what the children received as take home treats. It was a bit of a challenge to find  fun, science related favors!
The take home bags contained a Pop Rocks Edible science experiment,found at Party City. Test tube bubbles were from Dollar Tree. Bug jars with a magnifying top are from Oriental Trading Co. Inside I place three sponge capsules to grow when placed in water. A package of chocolate rocks from the Cincinnati Museum Center completed the bag.
The rest of the take home items were part of the party decor. I found these neat science theme sticker sets at Oriental Trading Co. I put them in white envelopes with each "professor's" name on them and placed them in a metal rack that was a yard sale find. It was also used at last year's baseball party to hold Cracker Jacks.
Each child also took home test tubes filled with Nerds candy. These were placed in a glass vase from Wal-Mart and labeled "Science Nerd". Glow sticks were placed in glass vases labeled "Radioactive Rods" and then placed on a round mirror. Each child left with five of these.
There was a clipboard hanging on a hook which said "Bowen Laboratory Observation Notes". This was used to record the gifts and the giver's name when presents were opened.
The hands-on experiments for the kids were prepared with all ingredients pre-measured. They were placed on trays and ready to go to keep the activity flowing as smoothly as possible. Most of the ingredients to be mixed were placed in small cups with lids. I found these at a garage sale last summer, 25-cents for all, another of those purchases I had nothing in mind for, just seemed like a good deal! Similar cups can be purchased at GFS Marketplace or Sam's Club. I placed "Open With Caution" stickers on them that I printed myself. The little beakers containing the green colored water are made for mixing hair color and were purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply.
I really liked the "H-2-O" water bottle labels that were part of the printables package I purchased. They took some time to do but were so worth it! I also had several varieties of single packets of drink mix available to flavor the water. Pouring and mixing the flavor packets almost seemed like a science experiment!
Jonathan thinks no party is complete without balloons, so of course we had to have several of those on the mailbox!
Finally, here's one of the little lab rats on the watermelon test tube. They just made me smile!
This was one of my favorite posters. A child can become anything they want to be with encouragement and hard work. They are never too young to be encouraged to pursue their interests and see where it takes them!
Up next, as I wrap up what I thought was a super party, the FUN!

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Girlfrog said...

Kathy, what a fabulous, fun party you threw! I love all the details and thought that you put in to everything. You have one lucky boy!