Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jonathan's Fifth Birthday Party: Science!

In just a little more than a week, Jonathan will be five years old! Seems impossible! My little boy has always had an interest in science. He had just turned three in the picture above. He spent that entire summer looking at everything through a magnifying glass! He loved watching "Sid the Science Kid" on PBS. He asked for a science birthday party last year, but I thought he was a little too young. Even if he was ready, I didn't think his guests would be as interested at four. I am so glad we waited a year! His preschool teacher, Mrs. McDaniel, also loves science and has increased Jonathan's interest so much this year.

So, this birthday, it's a science party! I have searched the internet and blogs for ideas and have borrowed several. Some are originally mine. I have spent countless hours planning, searching for the right products and now executing my plans. I hope it all goes well on party day!

The invitations went out last week. My sister, Pat, and I made them on the computer, with Pat's artwork. They were rolled, secured with an "Open With Caution" sticker that was printed from a free online printable (I can't remember where just now!), and placed inside a plastic test tube from Oriental Trading Co.
Here are the invitations ready to go into small padded envelopes for mailing.

Here are the invitations, ready to mail. I found uncancelled Einstein stamps on eBay, borrowing an idea from the fabulous science party featured on a favorite blog of mine, The Princess and The Frog Blog. So many great ideas there, and I am shamelessly borrowing a few. I also carefully chose the other stamps, which include a $1 "Wisdom" stamp, and either a dolphin or butterfly stamp, my post office didn't have enough of one in stock for every invitation. I wonder how many noticed the Einstein stamp detail? I liked it, even if no one else noticed!

Jonathan's return address labels are also from eBay.

I have been VERY busy with housecleaning, garage cleaning and pulling together all of the details for the party. The party will be held in my garage, and as an antique dealer, there was lots of stuff to move and hide! Sneak peek tomorrow!

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