Thursday, April 28, 2011

After the Rain.....

I am having a difficult time getting back into my daily routine and have sorely neglected my new blog. April seems almost like a lost month! Between us, Jonathan and I were sick for about three weeks. It has taken both of us a while to feel better.

I had such high hopes for April, which didn't materialize. Record rainfall this month has prevented any outdoor activities, including planting flowers, washing windows, and play!

I am behind on spring cleaning and had hoped to get the garage organized. No yard sale this month either, too much rain!

All of this has left me feeling a little "blue". After another episode of rain this afternoon, the sun peeked out. Looking out my back door, I saw this amazing double rainbow. It lifted my spirits. I am reminded that storms happen, in weather and in life. They will pass, and the sun will shine again.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Under the Weather

It's been a tough couple of weeks! Jonathan had another nasty virus, and this time I wasn't lucky enough to escape it. Now I know how my poor child felt!
Being out of commission for a week or so really put me behind on everything from housework and laundry to my eBay and antique business. I've been spending this week just trying to get caught up and get ready for Easter.
Back soon with new posts and a great recipe!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Items in the Antique Mall Booth

Well, make that old items in the antique mall booth! Nothing new here, just newly discovered items. Friday was a nice sunny day so I cleaned all the items I was getting ready for the mall outdoors. Jonathan was my helper, of course, and he really does help a lot. He's a great little "gopher". My sister arrived later in the evening to spend the night, and we priced all the stuff and loaded the SUV. We spent a few hours at the mall rearranging our booth while Jonathan spent some time with the only sitter he's ever had, Jenn. He hadn't seen her in several months so he was happy to stay with her, and we were able to really get to work. Often he goes along with us and he is usually quite well-behaved, but I must admit it is easier to work without him. Can I interest you in a fabulous wire laundry basket on wheels? In all of my years of antiquing, I've only seen these in books--until now!
How about a vintage suitcase or two for charming storage?
Or maybe a couple of really great quilts? Vintage lamps?
You know you want this wicker laundry basket, or maybe the child's tin ironing board? The enamel top table they are sitting on?
I love putting the booth together with a whole new look, and of course I want to make sales, but I'm always a little sad when I return to find several things sold and all the carefully staged vignettes in disarray.

I hope I can find another great estate sale again soon!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March List--How Did I Do?

Not so good. Where did March go? I had high expectations for getting things done and made a list of things I hoped to accomplish. I didn't come close, but I did get some things done. Lots of rainy (and sometimes snowy!) weather prevented me from doing very much outside. Jonathan was sick for a week, and I got very little done then. The rest I just have to blame on my poor planning.

All was not lost, though. I did a little bit in the herb garden, and hired a teenage boy across the street to edge some landscaping for me. He still has to complete it (weather!).

I also had the "handyman" here for an afternoon to take care of some things on my list that I couldn't do.

Jonathan's spring wardrobe is ready. We went shoe shopping at an outlet mall about an hour away to complete what he needed for summer. Now if only it would get warm enough for him to wear it!

I did get several drawers cleaned and straightened, just not one a day! The photo at the top shows the "before" and "after" of one. It may not look alot different, but now I know what is in there. I did my entire desk/wall unit in the living room and threw away a lot of stuff!

I am slowly getting things together for a yard sale, which hopefully will be soon. It was too cold in March to have one.

Garage--nothing much done in there.

Spring cleaning--not very much.

Painting woodwork--no.

These will carry over to April and see what I can get done this month. Jonathan is on spring break next week and only goes to school two days the following week due to Easter break, so we'll see. Hopefully I can cross a few things off the list!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Preschool Letter "Y"

We are nearing the end of the alphabet at preschool, so I won't be boring you with too many more posts about letter themed treats! I have truly enjoyed thinking of little things to take to his classes this year! Monday's Thematic Learning class was studying "Yolks and Other Things In Eggs", so I thought a perfect treat would be Rice Krispie treats in plastic eggs. I washed and dried the eggs, then lightly sprayed the inside with Pam. Then I just filled the eggs with the Rice Krispie treat and closed the egg. They pop out as a perfect egg! I am sending a basket of these to my grandchildren for Easter. My granddaughter loves Rice Krispie treats and we usually make them when she comes for a visit. My sources tell me these were a big hit in Jonathan's class, too! Thursday, the class will get these little bags containing a yo-yo and a York peppermint pattie. The tag will say "For You" with the "Y" underlined.
For Show & Share, Jonathan will be taking a "Yield" traffic sign (not a real one but a metal one about 1/3 scale size, it looks real!), purchased on eBay. Gotta love eBay for these unusual things you need!

On a totally unrelated note, it snowed here today for a little while. Spring is slow to arrive this year.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Estate Finds

For me, the best part of selling antiques is the thrill of the hunt! An opportunity presented itself Saturday to go inside this house, built in the 1880's, and purchase a few things.May I say, the inside of this house was fabulous! The woodwork was to die for, lots of stained glass, pocket doors and incredible light fixtures! Sadly, the 94 year old lady living here for the past 55 years was being relocated to a nursing home. My friend, who lives nearby, told her son I might be interested in some things they were willing to part with. Most of the furniture was being taken by various family members, but there were lots of small, interesting items available.
My sister, Jonathan and I filled my Explorer as full as possible on Saturday. Today, I dropped Jonathan off and preschool and returned to get the other items we chose. I let the seats down in the SUV, and it was stuffed! A couple of the more interesting finds (to me, anyway!): a wire laundry basket on wheels, two wonderful light fixtures, a set of four metal children's chairs, a wicker laundry basket, four great lamps, and so much more!

Now comes the hard part, cleaning all of the finds and getting them priced and in the booth at the antique mall. Inventory has been low for the past month or so, but not for long! I love shopping trips like this!