Sunday, June 5, 2011

4th Birthday: Party Fun

I didn't have any structured games planned for Jonathan's party. I provided several sports themed yard toys and encouraged free play. Jenn, my sitter, helped keep this flowing along nicely. Since we were a "stadium", food and drinks were available anytime. My sister manned the grill to keep the hot dogs coming, and nachos and chips were available as well as pre-made veggie and dip trays. Drinks in coolers were easily accessible for all guests. The day was hot and muggy, and the hit of the party was when the Kona Ice truck arrived. It was quite a surprise for the kids! The truck arrived with music blaring and pulled into the driveway. Each child was given a ticket and could get the treat of their choice from the truck.

Another thing that was a bigger hit than I thought it would be (no pun intended!) was the baseball shaped pinata. The children LOVED this! I was a little reluctant to have a bunch of 4 year olds swinging bats at a pinata, even if they were plastic ones. Jonathan really wanted one, so I gave in, and with adult supervision, all went well.

They were each given a baseball printed bag to gather their loot. I found candy on the lawn for weeks after!

For the opening of presents, each child sat with Jonathan in the dugout. It kept order and each child was made to feel special presenting their gift, and Jonathan could thank each child.

The party came to a close with cake and a team photo, to follow!

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Girlfrog said...

Thank you Kathy for letting me know about your awesome baseball party. I love the signs you had made for your "stadium." They were just perfect. Also, I just ordered a pinatta (we've never had one before) so it's a relief to know that it was a hit.