Sunday, June 5, 2011

4th Birthday: Party Wrap-Up

To bring the fun day to a close, we all came inside for cake. I must admit I was not very happy with his birthday cake. It was quite uneven and had a crack in the center, but what could I do? I had used this bakery previously with no problem, but we are going with a different one this year! Ready to blow out the candles:

Here is a photo of the team. I think the sun was in their eyes, but I wanted them all in front of the banners.

I had a hardcover photo book made after the party, which is a wonderful keepsake. I used Snapfish for mine.

It was a fun party, in spite of the rain, heat & humidity. In less than two weeks it will be party time again, I hope this one is as much fun as last year's!

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Brenda said...

Hi Kathy and Jonathan!

What wonderful memories that you have created of that fantastic
fourth baseball party!! I had such a great time being there and enjoyed
all of decorations, activities and most of all the children SO MUCH!
I can't wait until this year's party!