Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kid's Art Fair

I spent the better part of the afternoon framing original works of art, wearing white cotton gloves to protect the masterpieces. Where, you ask? In the hall outside the library of my son's school! This evening they had their first Kid's Art Fair. The kids have been working on their watercolor painting for weeks now, and today they were showcased in style!
I was seriously impressed with how great the kids' art looked when matted and framed. The children's faces just lit up when they saw their work so nicely displayed! Parents and friends were invited to view the works of art and the paintings were for sale.  Rrefreshments were served and fun was had by all! Here's a few photographs:
Kids really are creative!

Art on display in the library

Jonathan's "masterpiece"

More art (taken while we were setting up, art filled all of these tables!)

I loved this one!

Jonathan with his painting

Jon putting the "Sold" tag on his painting

On the wall at home

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