Monday, April 4, 2011

Estate Finds

For me, the best part of selling antiques is the thrill of the hunt! An opportunity presented itself Saturday to go inside this house, built in the 1880's, and purchase a few things.May I say, the inside of this house was fabulous! The woodwork was to die for, lots of stained glass, pocket doors and incredible light fixtures! Sadly, the 94 year old lady living here for the past 55 years was being relocated to a nursing home. My friend, who lives nearby, told her son I might be interested in some things they were willing to part with. Most of the furniture was being taken by various family members, but there were lots of small, interesting items available.
My sister, Jonathan and I filled my Explorer as full as possible on Saturday. Today, I dropped Jonathan off and preschool and returned to get the other items we chose. I let the seats down in the SUV, and it was stuffed! A couple of the more interesting finds (to me, anyway!): a wire laundry basket on wheels, two wonderful light fixtures, a set of four metal children's chairs, a wicker laundry basket, four great lamps, and so much more!

Now comes the hard part, cleaning all of the finds and getting them priced and in the booth at the antique mall. Inventory has been low for the past month or so, but not for long! I love shopping trips like this!

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Michelle said...

I'm jealous, LOL! I would love to go through that house! Can't wait to see what the things look like when you've worked your magic!