Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Items in the Antique Mall Booth

Well, make that old items in the antique mall booth! Nothing new here, just newly discovered items. Friday was a nice sunny day so I cleaned all the items I was getting ready for the mall outdoors. Jonathan was my helper, of course, and he really does help a lot. He's a great little "gopher". My sister arrived later in the evening to spend the night, and we priced all the stuff and loaded the SUV. We spent a few hours at the mall rearranging our booth while Jonathan spent some time with the only sitter he's ever had, Jenn. He hadn't seen her in several months so he was happy to stay with her, and we were able to really get to work. Often he goes along with us and he is usually quite well-behaved, but I must admit it is easier to work without him. Can I interest you in a fabulous wire laundry basket on wheels? In all of my years of antiquing, I've only seen these in books--until now!
How about a vintage suitcase or two for charming storage?
Or maybe a couple of really great quilts? Vintage lamps?
You know you want this wicker laundry basket, or maybe the child's tin ironing board? The enamel top table they are sitting on?
I love putting the booth together with a whole new look, and of course I want to make sales, but I'm always a little sad when I return to find several things sold and all the carefully staged vignettes in disarray.

I hope I can find another great estate sale again soon!


Michelle said...

Looks great!!

Cynthia @An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh it looks fabulous. I want the laundry basket... You are not the only cereal hater!!

Thanks for your sweet comments.