Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Preschool Letter "Y"

We are nearing the end of the alphabet at preschool, so I won't be boring you with too many more posts about letter themed treats! I have truly enjoyed thinking of little things to take to his classes this year! Monday's Thematic Learning class was studying "Yolks and Other Things In Eggs", so I thought a perfect treat would be Rice Krispie treats in plastic eggs. I washed and dried the eggs, then lightly sprayed the inside with Pam. Then I just filled the eggs with the Rice Krispie treat and closed the egg. They pop out as a perfect egg! I am sending a basket of these to my grandchildren for Easter. My granddaughter loves Rice Krispie treats and we usually make them when she comes for a visit. My sources tell me these were a big hit in Jonathan's class, too! Thursday, the class will get these little bags containing a yo-yo and a York peppermint pattie. The tag will say "For You" with the "Y" underlined.
For Show & Share, Jonathan will be taking a "Yield" traffic sign (not a real one but a metal one about 1/3 scale size, it looks real!), purchased on eBay. Gotta love eBay for these unusual things you need!

On a totally unrelated note, it snowed here today for a little while. Spring is slow to arrive this year.

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