Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Reason We Love Our Library

I have posted before about our local library and how much we love it. This past Sunday we attended a Fire Truck party hosted by the library, and it was so much fun! Upon signing in, each child received a fireman's hat and badge. Miss Janet in the children's department outdid herself with the refreshments, it was like being at a birthday party!

Love the flame picks in the cupcakes, and I want one of those drink dispensers! She made take-homes using a McDonald's french fry holder as a template (yes, I asked!).
The kids played a cute relay race game where they pulled their wagon fire truck across the room:
Put out the fire in the burning building:

Rescued the cat from the tree:
Then pulled their firetruck back to the starting point:

Next, firemen from our local fire department spoke to the children about fire safety.

Then it was outside where the real firetrucks were! The fireman showed the kids exactly how the trucks operated, including extending the ladder as far as it would go, climbing to the top and waving at those of us watching below!

The kids were then allowed to get inside the trucks to look around and sit in the driver's seat.
What a fun party, free and very close to home! Next up: Campfire Cooking party next week-end, with campfire stories and flashlight tag, then making a grilled sandwich on a tin can. We can't wait!

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Brenda said...

What a fun and informative day. I am so glad that you took pictures, it gives me ideas for next year's dramatic play "fire station" room.
The library really did a super job, looks like Jonathan thought so too.