Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Library....So Much More Than Books!

We are fortunate to live less than 5 minutes from our public library. We visit often, checking out stacks of books and sometimes a movie. I have taken Jonathan to the children's story hour since was an infant. When we visit, Jonathan is greeted by name.
The library is so much more than a source of great reading material! Our library has so many wonderful---and free---programs. One of his favorite things was the Hot Wheel races this past spring. We have also been to holiday parties, full of crafts and stories, Lego building time, and lots of other really fun activites. They have great programs for adults, too, but usually I am unable to take advantage of them, no sitter!
Enjoying ice cream outside the library

Playing frisbee

Friday night was Ice Cream & Fireworks night. We arrived around 8:30 and marked our spot with our lawn chairs before heading inside. There were ice cream cups for everyone and each child was also given a frisbee. We played until it was dark enough for the fireworks to begin. We enjoyed a very nice fireworks display, which was better and lasted longer than I had anticipated.

Little boy delight
A beautiful fireworks display
Most of the programs require pre-registration, but that is all. There is never a fee. We are registered for a folk music concert in two weeks. I think it is something we will both enjoy, and if it gets too long for Jonathan, we can discreetly and quietly leave.
Be sure to check out what your local library has to offer. I think you will find that along with being your go-to source for books, it also offers lots of opportunites for free family fun!

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