Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

As someone in the resell business, with eBay and an antique mall booth, I am always scouring thrift stores, Goodwill and yard sales. Occasionally, I score something for myself. Often I will see very nice designer clothing in smaller sizes, up to about a size 10. If you happen to be a larger size, quality used clothing is much more difficult to find.
While visiting my sister this past week-end, we went shopping at "her" Goodwill, where she has found some amazing stuff! I found six tops for myself, all of which look as though they were never worn or worn only a couple of times. I got a Lands' End blue long sleeve polo, Lands' End 3/4 sleeve white cotton shirt, Ralph Lauren blue stripe long sleeve shirt, and three Talbots summer tops, all in the same style but different patterns/colors. At $2.50 per top, the total was $15.00 for these wardrobe stretchers for all seasons. They have now been laundered and ironed and are ready to wear!
How do you feel about wearing gently used clothing? I think it is a great way to stretch a clothing budget and buy brands I might not otherwise be able to afford.


Marie said...

Great finds! I wish I was able to go shopping like that. We have a Hospice clothing store here and my friends finds the nicest clothes. This day and time you can't beat a bargain!

Roxanna said...

I don't mind wearing hand me downs or gently worn clothes.. I love Goodwill, Thrift stores and yard sales :)

Brenda said...

I have always been a yard sale and thrift store "junkie". I haven't been able to go to many this summer except for St.Joe's flea market in Crescent Springs where I found two
much needed large bookshelf/cabinets
for my family room. I love to go
to the flea market at the Children's Home in Ft. Mitchell. However it is
Aug.6 & 7 and I will be in Lake Cumberland that weekend. when the children were younger, I always bought clothes, toys and books from yard sales, they were a "Godsend". Now, I look for home goods, books and educational items for preschool.
Wish I could have been shopping with you Kathy, you found some great deals!