Friday, July 1, 2011

School Entrance Physical Exams

We are making the rounds to all of the health care professionals in preparation for kindergarten. In Kentucky (and probably everywhere), children must have a dental, vision and general health exam in order to attend kindergarten. I knew they had to have a health exam and up to date immunizations, but I wasn't aware a visit to the dentist and an optometrist were mandatory.
Of course, Jonathan has always had on time well child and dental visits, but he'd never had an eye exam other than the one given to him by the pediatrician, which is not acceptable for school entrance.
Tuesday we visited the dentist for his regular six month exam: no cavities! Yesterday was a visit to the optometrist: 20/20 vision!
Next Thursday we visit the pediatrician for his regular 5 year old exam.
I just registered him for his Kindergarten Jump Start day in late July.
I am finding I need a secretary to keep up with all of the forms and paperwork needed to enroll a child in school!

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