Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey Paul! Paul Bunyan!

Friday was "dress as a character from children's literature" day at school. After much consideration, we decided on Paul Bunyan. We got books from the library and watched clips from the 1950's Disney movie "Paul Bunyan" on YouTube. He loved the movie, we need more children's movies like that today.
The costume needed to be pretty simple, so he would be comfortable wearing it all day. He wore his own flannel shirt and jeans, tucked into his snow boots. I found a pair of red cuffed socks new at Goodwill for 50-cents and a cotton hat at Dollar Tree for $1.00. Done!
That left accessories. I found a little plastic hatchet at Dollar Tree. He immediately noticed it was not an ax ("It needs something sharp on both sides, Mom!"). I couldn't figure out how to represent Babe the Big Blue Ox. Finally I decided to print a picture from the internet, glue it to cardstock and back with blue paper, and glue it to a craft stick. That box of new craft sticks I purchased at a yard sale sure have come in handy, I've used them for so many things.
 He was a winner again! He was so excited to tell me when I picked him up. There was a boy and girl winner in each grade level. He won a stuffed frog and a coupon for dinner at a local restaurant. We had so much fun getting ready for this (once we decided who he was going to be!).

If you haven't done so already be sure to enter for a chance to win a 1 year subscription to Disney's "Family Fun" magazine! Winner will be announced Sat, Nov. 5.


Wendi said...

He looks so excited! I love how simple it was to transform him into Paul Bunyan. I am all about simple and easy!

Brenda said...

I wouldn't have recognized Jonathan!
He looks just like Paul Bunyan!!
What a great idea and costume!
I am so excited for Jonathan that he won the costume contest, he seems pretty happy too!