Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Festival Bake Sale

Tomorrow is the annual Fall Festival at Jonathan's school. We are looking forward to it! Lots of games for the kids, pony rides, inflatables and a magician show in the afternoon. There is also lots of food! Hot dogs and burgers hot off the grill, corn on the cob, cotton candy, sno-cones and more. Of course, any school festival worth its salt will have a bake sale and a cake walk!
I have been preparing for the bake sale for a couple of weeks now. I gathered my supplies. I baked two pans of brownies and 48 cupcakes and put them in the freezer. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much spent in the kitchen, and today I delivered all the goodies to school. I baked 3 dozen sugar cookies and 4 dozen peanut butter cookies.
Every item has to be individually packaged, of course. I didn't really want to put my items in sandwich bags. Things get smashed and they don't look very appetizing. I paid a little visit to my local GFS Marketplace to see what I could find. I just love that store!  I purchased 1/4 lb. size deli containers with lids, which worked perfectly for cookies and brownies. The cost was not significantly more than buying Ziploc bags, and they look so much more "professional" and they stack easily. I bought 9 oz. drink cups with lids for the cupcakes. They fit in there perfectly, but they may be a little hard to get out with the frosting on them. I think I'll stay away from cupcakes at future bake sales.
 I put little paper doilies from Dollar Tree in the deli cups as an added little touch. I found red paw print stickers at the Parent-Teacher Store, as well as labels edged in black and white. Our school's mascot is a Bearcat and the school colors are red and black, and they earn red paw print for good behavior, etc., so I used these to label the goodies.
I also made Rice Krispie Treats. Jonathan, and most of the kids I know, love these! I made them into balls and inserted a cookie stick to prevent sticky little hands. I made a basket of these.
For the cake walk, I sent a dozen chocolate cupcakes and a homemade angel food cake. My local Kroger store's bakery gave me a box for the cake, and I had saved the plastic container from Jonathan's birthday cupcakes to send the cupcakes in.
It was quite a bit of work, but I really want to support Jonathan's school. I couldn't volunteer to work any of the booths, because I have no one to watch Jonathan, so I decided to concentrate my efforts on baking.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is perfect! It should be a fun way to spend an afternoon, and I hope I get to meet some of Jonathan's new friends and their parents. Wish you could all join us!

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Brenda said...

WOW!!!!!!!!I knew that you were baking a lot but that was incredible!
I think that I'll call you "Martha
Stewart" instead of "Betty Crocker",
everything was so beautifully packaged and displayed. I am sure that Jonathan's school was very grateful for all of your time and hard work. Hope you and Jonathan enjoyed the festival!!