Monday, September 26, 2011

Chicken Rodeo!

What, you ask, is a chicken rodeo? I was asking the same question myself a few weeks ago when I signed Jonathan up to attend. This was the fifth annual chicken rodeo at our library, and I was too intrigued to stay home Saturday even though it was raining.
First, meet some of the contestants:
These are some of the chickens a local farmer brought to race with the kids. Kids were placed in pairs with a library staffer, and they chose a chicken for their race. The kids had to shoo their chicken to the finish line. Of course, the chickens had a mind of their own and didn't just run straight for the win!
Ready, set, go!

Going the wrong way there, little chicken!

Shoo her toward the finish line

Since there weren't as many kids in attendance, due to the rain, I'm sure, parents were invited to race, too. I can't believe I actually raced a chicken, in public, in the rain!. Jonathan didn't want to race with me, he wanted to challenge me.
We are ready to race

Jonathan finishes first, we're still coaxing ours along 
He & his chicken won first place in this race, my partners & I finished second. Oh, and I may have made a new friend. A lovely lady who was there with her children took the pictures of Jonathan & me racing. You never know who you will meet at a chicken rodeo!
I just love all the activities at our library, recently named the top library in Kentucky. As I have said before, it is so much more than books!
How did you spend your Saturday morning?

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Wendi said...

That looks like fun! I spent Saturday morning running some errands, then my nieces came over to play. It was a gret day!