Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jonathan's Day

Little boys. Nothin' like them! After breakfast, Jonathan folded all of the washcloths for me.
He does a very nice job! Then he played with his Nerf gun for a little while before getting dressed for school, having lunch and getting on the bus for an afternoon at school.
Nerf bullets stuck on everything! He's a pretty good shot.
I picked him up from school and we took a few minutes to review the papers he brought home. I made dinner while he watched a little bit of PBS Kids on TV. After dinner we took the trash to the curb. He helped with that, too. It was such a beautiful fall afternoon, I felt like we needed to be outside for awhile, so we went to a local park. We took a walk in the woods to collect a few twigs and leaves for some fall crafts.
Of course, you have to test your balance by walking on a fallen log.
There was just enough time to go down the sliding board and swing for a bit before heading home.
There is still a few remnants of dinner on that face, so it was home for a bath, then to read this week's book to me before bedtime. I think he's had a pretty good day!

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