Sunday, August 14, 2011

School Starts Wednesday, and I Am Thankful!

....And not for the reason you are probably thinking! While I admit it will be nice to be able to do the grocery shopping all by myself, I will miss my little boy as he heads off to kindergarten. He is a great companion, and we have lots of fun together.

As I look at my 5 year old son, I am filled with gratitude. I am so very thankful he is healthy. He is able to go to school, to run and play. He isn't likely to get behind in his schoolwork because he is sick so often he misses a lot of school. He can see and hear what is being taught.

I am thankful he is confident. He knows he is loved. He is quick to make friends and is kind and considerate. He's mischievous, but in a good, little boy way.

I am thankful he has a good mind. He's a bright little boy with a love of learning. He is interested in everything! He asks lots of questions and he listens to the answers. I think he will truly enjoy learning new things, and I will do everything I can to make learning a joy for him.

I am thankful for his two years at an exceptional preschool. It was worth every dollar spent and every mile we drove to get there. I am thankful he will begin kindergarten armed with all he needs to know to be successful, both socially and academically.

I am thankful that I am able to provide some extra-curricular activities for him. Soccer and t-ball. Passes to the fun and educational Cincinnati Museum Center , the zoo and aquarium. Occasional visits to interesting places where he can have enriching experiences. Going to parks and places to be outdoors to soak up the sun. While these things may not be absolutely necessary, they can contribute to a well-rounded, well-educated child. Not all education is done in the classroom.

I am thankful he has a stable and secure life at home. While we certainly do not fit the mold of a typical family, I feel he gets what he needs to flourish as he grows. We have routines, we have proper discipline, and we certainly have an abundance of love. Some things may be missing, things I can't provide, but what matters most is love. I try to fill our home with a sense of calm and security, we are safe here. We can be ourselves with no fear.

I am thankful his tummy is full. My heart breaks when I think of children going without the food they need. I am thankful I can provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch for him before he's out the door for school. I won't have to worry he can't concentrate on learning because his stomach is growling. I can put dinner on the table when he returns from school. For this I am thankful, it is something I don't take for granted. How desperate a mother must feel when there is not enough food to feed her children!

I often give Jonathan a hug while telling him "I am the luckiest Mommy in the world!". I am, for I have two handsome, intelligent sons, both of whom are doing quite well in their respective stages of life. For all of this, and for so many additional reasons, I am thankful.

So, even though I may look forward to a little "me" time while Jonathan is off at kindergarten, what I am truly thankful for is a healthy, happy, well-adjusted little boy who only needs to be concerned with learning what is being taught.


Echoes From the Hill said...

I love your story and your positive attitude.
Little ones keep you young in mind and in spirit.

Kathy said...

Thank you, Nancy!

Brenda said...

Jonathan truly is a special blessing.
I know that he must brighten each day
for you with his beautiful big smile
and great hugs. What a wonderful Mom
that he has too! God Bless both of you.