Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Clean Slate

This is the freezer in my garage. Empty. A clean slate, waiting to be filled with food again. This is what had to be thrown away, because it had thawed too much to be safely used.
Four trash bags full of food, most of which was purchased this month. How sad is that? I spent almost the entire day cleaning my refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen, then emptying the garage freezer and giving it a complete top-to-bottom cleaning (which it really needed!). Do you know what a mess purple, red and blue popsicles can make when they melt and seep through their wrappers?
I have also spent a great deal of time in the kitchen this week salvaging what I could from the freezer fiasco.  I shared some with a friend so it would be used instead of winding up in one of those trash bags.
I am hoping to figure out a system to help me keep track of what's in the freezer and how long it's been there. I'm playing around with an inventory sheet but will have to see one like this will work for me. If it doesn't, I'll keep working with it until I get it right!
At least I now have a clean freezer, ready for more bargains to fill it! But I really hope this doesn't happen again......

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Roxanna said...

Ohhh I am sorry you had to throw all of that food away! Hope that it never happens to you again! :)