Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Ties

This has been quite a busy week, but a good one. I have spent lots of time with family this week. I rarely see any of my family, everyone except Jonathan is hours away (for now, see my previous post!).
Last Sunday I took a trip back home to Eastern Ky. to visit with my sisters, nieces and nephews. It was a short trip but we got to see several family members, and Jonathan gets to know his family a little better.

Above is Jonathan riding a Mule on country roads with my niece. She and Jonathan are my parents' first and last grandchildren. This niece is 5 years older than me, the daughter of my oldest sister. My dad was 50 when I was born so Jonathan was born 100 years after his grandfather. My mother and my sister-in-law were pregnant at the same time, so my 2nd niece is two months younger than me. We had a quick visit with her, too.
We visited my sister and Jonathan had some playtime with her granddaughter, my great-niece Elizabeth. They will both start kindergarten this year.
We stayed overnight with another niece, Michelle, and her family. We spent some time at Jenny Wiley State Park, but mostly just hanging out and catching up. Jonathan is especially close to her boys, Johnson & Jonah.
I had hoped to spend a little longer with my family there, but my grandmother services were needed! My son had the children in town with him this week as my daughter-in-law was preparing to get their house on the market and he is transitioning into his new position at work. Wed. & Thurs. I had all three of my "babies". The top photo is Jonathan and my two grandchildren at the zoo. We also spent some time at a local play area and a lot of time playing and crafting here.
It was so nice to see many family members this week. I am reminded of the connection we have that isn't broken by time or distance. It's a very special tie that binds us all together!

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