Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The First Day of Kindergarten

(Warning: lots of proud mommy photos in this post!)
My little guy is now officially a kindergarten student! He had a wonderful first day! His class is in the afternoon, so we left for school right after lunch, which has to be earlier than we are accustomed to. So he got dressed, got the backpack, and away we went!
Of course, we had to take his teacher a small first day of school gift. This is her very first year teaching. I looked on my gift shelf and found this cute little notebook with an apple on the front and thought that would be appropriate. A matching sticker on a manila shipping tag and we had a small surprise for Miss Schoborg.
Here's my boy walking toward the day that will forever change his life--and mine! No more being home with Mommy all day, no more preschool. This is the real deal, the first of many years of continual learning, challenges and growth.

He was excited to find his name and where he will be sitting and to see all of his new classmates and potential friends.
(Why was I the only parent who walked with their child all the way to the classroom to take a picture or two of the big day?? I thought the place would be crawling with parents!)
I left him to begin his day and came home to do this:
I baked his favorite cookies, oatmeal, for a special after school surprise. I had the plate on the table, waiting for him when we walked in.
Then it was back to school to the uncharted territory of the after school car pick-up line, which took about 30 minutes or so. Remind me to always have reading material in the car!
He was excited and chattered all the way home, telling me all about his day. He was ready for his cookies and milk when we arrived home.
He proudly showed me his first paper and a "Jonathan's Rules for School" book they made today. Of course this took pride of place on the refrigerator.
The rest of the evening was just as busy. I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner--his request-- and then it was off to 6 P.M. soccer practice in preparation for his first game this week-end. Home for a bath, snuggle time and in bed by 8:30. A memorable day, for sure, but the best part? An after bath hug from my son as he said he wished every boy and girl had a "good Mommy like you". Now that's priceless!!


Connie Weiss said...

Reading this has calmed me down! And thanks for telling me to bring a book to pick up! WOW!

We're taking Alex out for pizza for lunch!

Brenda said...

I am so happy that Jonathan had a wonderful first day of school!!
Thank you for sharing all of the great pictures! Wow! Jonathan keeps growing taller and taller and taller, doesn't he? He looks so grown up.
I know that you both will have a terrific kindergarten year!!