Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day School Gifts

Jonathan will have one Valentine's Day party on Monday and one on Tues. I thought I would share the gifts we will be taking to school.

In Monday's class each child will receive a little bag of Valentine candy and trinkets. Tuesday's class will be getting little metal buckets filled with similar items. The girls get red buckets with pearl handles and the boys will receive blue buckets with robots.

We have several teacher's aides between the two classes, and each will be getting a small box of Mrs. Field's chocolates in a clear bag which has faux pink and red rose petals inside.

The two teachers will be receiving the same thing, which is a cute Valentine's bottle with a twig heart, which I took to my friend the florist. She put a pink rose and some lavender accent flowers in each, along with a pink bow. They are safely inside my refrigerator awaiting delivery. Irene assures me they will be fine until Mon. & Tues., that they have already received all their flowers shipments for Valentine's Day .

I hope everyone enjoys their small tokens of appreciation, they were fun to put together!
Metal buckets: Target
Glass Valentine bottles: Michaels
Fabric rose petals: Dollar Tree
Mrs. Field's Chocolates: Target
Various items for treat bags: Dollar Tree & Oriental Trading Co
Flower arrangements by Irene at Jackson's Florist

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