Sunday, February 6, 2011

Antiques & Collectibles For Sale!

I have always loved antiques, even as a young girl. I love the history of the pieces, and always wonder about the places they have been and the stories they could tell!

I guess it was inevitable that I would eventually sell them. I have had booth space in various antique malls, off and on, for almost 25 years. I rented a booth in the Florence Antique Mall ( when they opened in August 1998. I was there until a couple of months before Jonathan was born in 2006. At one point, my late husband and I had seven booths there, and we spent most week-ends on the search for inventory. I always loved it and hoped to return to the "business" on a limited basis when Jon was a little older. That time came last April, when my sister and I joined forces and rented a booth.

It is very different this time around. My sister lives and hour and a half away. The economy isn't in good shape, and I can't devote the time to it I used to. I don't deal in large furniture pieces, and I don't paint and refurbish things like I did before. We deal mostly in small items, so we aren't making very much profit. But I love it! I love the thrill of the hunt and just being back doing what I love, even on a limited basis. I am sure when yard sales are in full swing this spring, I will be sharing finds with you!

Here on Hartland this morning, we were busy getting some things priced and ready to go! The first picture shows some of them, and the others give a little glimpse of our booth. Inventory is low right now, it's harder to find things in the winter. I am looking forward to getting the booth all ready for spring soon!

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Angie said...

congrats on your new blog! So glad you finally started one!