Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If Practice Makes Perfect.....

....then I will master this buttercream icing. I love white cake with buttercream icing, and I have never been good at making it. My niece makes exceptionally good frosting, and she has shared her secret with me. I have been practicing!

Jon & I made a 2-layer heart shaped cake before Valentine's Day, which tasted good. Last night after Jonathan was tucked into bed, I decided to try another. So here I am in the kitchen at 10:30 at night, mixer whirring, making buttercream icing and questioning my sanity. This batch tastes considerably better than the first, so I am making progress! I'd really like to make Jonathan's birthday cake myself this summer.

The problem with all of this practice? Wanting to eat the finished product!

Like the cake pan? Find it here. Lots of great designs, comes recommended by The Pioneer Woman!

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Michelle said...

Yummy! I wish I lived next door so I could have a piece ;)