Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Preschool Chronicles #99

I think I should have titled my blog "The Preschool Chronicles"! I think most casual bloggers (as opposed to "professional" bloggers) post about their everyday lives. At the moment, alot of my days revolve around preschool. It makes me sad to think I only have about 3 more months, and preschool will be over. Then on to "The Kindergarten Chronicles"!

Yesterday, in honor of letter "Q" for queen, Jonathan's Thematic Learning class had a Renaissance day. The children were asked to dress as members of royalty. They made shields with the family Coat of Arms and the day was filled with lots of medieval fun. I suggested Jon go as a court jester, he was having none of that. He insisted on being King Jon! The queen mother then had to scramble to find kingly attire in less than a week. What did we do before Ebay? The costume arrived in the nick of time, on Saturday, and he was very pleased with his outfit!

For Show & Share this week, we made a question box with several questions inside. Finding something to take as treats for the kids beginning with letter "Q" was my second challenge. Of course, I don't have to take anything, and often I don't. But, never one to back down from a challenge, I set out to find something other than a quarter to take. I happened to drive by a Quizno's restaurant yesterday, and inspiration struck! I stopped in, found chocolate chip cookies with a "Q" on the packaging, and sweet-talked the manager out of 10 kid's meal bags. They say "Q Kids" so they were perfect! Mrs. McDaniel and all 10 kids have a treat today!

What on earth will I take as treats for letters U, V and X? Any suggestions?

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PittyPat said...

What a clever idea for the letter "Q"!