Thursday, February 3, 2011

Preschool, Popcorn and Pajamas

This has been a busy week at preschool! Jonathan was chosen as "Student of the Week" for the first week of the program, of course, every child will have a turn. He is still quite pleased and more than a little proud of himself. Mom is, too!

The kids are on alphabet letter "P" this week, so today was declared pajama day. All of the children wore their pj's to school. They were all so cute!We decided to take popcorn for everyone, and Jonathan really wanted to make it himself. He did a really good job, too! He put each bag in the microwave and started it. I got the hot popcorn out, of course, and put in in a bowl to ccol. He filled the bags, I "zipped" them and put them in the paper popcorn bags. He folded the tops down, and we were done!

I try to use this time as a learning experience, too. We discussed popcorn and where it comes from, plus I added in a little math by occasionally asking how many more bags we still needed to fill to make eleven, 10 for the students and one for Mrs. McDaniel.

Jonathan loves going to school and I love doing all these fun extra things to enrich the experience for him.

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