Friday, June 29, 2012

Taekwondo Party: FUN!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was a little reluctant to have Jonathan's party at a location rather than here at home. I must say, this was a good decision.  I did not have to do extra cleaning (before OR after the party!!) and the kids really seemed to have a great time. Mr D. was great with the children and everyone had fun, including guests who had never before attended a class. Here are some pictures of the kids in action.
Warming up

Learning some Taekwondo moves

Jonathan gets to demonstrate some kicks

Everyone kicks!

Jonathan's favorite: Dodgeball

I love this picture!

As a finale, Mr D broke a board for the kids. Jonathan got to choose whether he broke it with a punch or a kick. He chose a kick.

This is the board he broke!

He gave it to Jonathan after he broke it

The whole gang!
I think the parents had fun, too, watching their children enjoying the party. Next, I'll share a few final pictures of pizza and presents.

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