Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catching Snakes......and Other Summer Fun

Yes, I caught the snake you see in the net. I chased it through a muddy creek and it swam right in to my net. Why? Because Jonathan and I were at our Park District's "Every Other Thursday Science" program. This week's program was "Critters in the Creek". The kids were given nets and we waded into the creek to see what we could catch. Don't worry, no animals were harmed and all were set free at the end of the program. It was so much fun! Except for the snake.
Other fun things we have done so far this summer includes a pirate cruise aboard Cincinnati's BB Riverboats. I purchased a season pass from Groupon for a great price. We can go on four various cruises as often as we like, which will be frequently!

The cruise included face painting, tattoos, walking the plank, and swabbing the deck. Jonathan has also successfully tested at Taekwondo and is now a green belt (with a shiny stripe!).
In two days, we will be celebrating Jonathan's 6th birthday, so I have been working on things such as as this:
And this:
And how is your summer going so far?

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Wendi said...

Yuck! on the snake. I don't think I would have chased him down. I think... no, I know... I would have run!

Everything is looking great for the party. Those chocolates are fab!

Summer is going by much to fast! I really need to do a post, but time is flying by.