Friday, June 15, 2012

Can You Spare A Dollar?

Almost all of my blog posts are about Jonathan and the things we do. I am so beyond blessed. My little guy is healthy, happy, well loved and well fed. Which brings me to this...unfortunately, there are children who are hungry in this world of ours. Right now. Right this minute.
Can you spare a dollar? Four quarters? Ten dimes? My blog friend, Angie, has a summer service project she is doing, for Life Today's Mission Feeding Program. She is especially seeking one dollar a day. Her budget, like most of us, is limited. She is not sure where her daily dollar will come from. She is trusting and proceeding on faith.
I don't personally know Angie, but I did go to high school with her mother Sharon. (Go BHS Pirates!). I will let Angie tell her own story, so take a look at her blog, Angie Acapella, and let your heart tell you whether or not you can spare a dollar.

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Angie said...

Awesome, thanks so much Kathy! You are an angel! HUGS!