Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Weekend

It was a busy weekend around here, following a hectic week. Last week was filled with doctor appointments, oil change appointments, cleaning and more! There was no school on Friday, so we went to lunch with friends and then went to see the movie "The Lorax". Take your child to see it, it's a really cute movie.
Saturday began with Jonathan's last class at NKU. He brought home a meal worm pupa, which I am hoping matures into a beetle which will will release back to nature. This is one of the projects they did in class while studying metamorphoses. I love how the different pasta shapes were used! For some reason, he wrote his "p" backwards when writing "pupa".

We stopped for a haircut on the way home, and my boy is sporting a new 'do! I am still not sure how I feel about it. It does look cute, but he looks so much older! He is very pleased with his new look.

In the afternoon, my grandchildren arrived to spend the night. It was fun! We played outside, did some crafts, took a walk to the park and searched for four leaf clovers. Each child found one, I was really surprised! We ordered pizza for dinner, and later we watched the movie "Rio" and had popcorn. The kids went home around noon on Sunday and Jonathan & I went to another fun party at the library. This one was "Aliens & Monsters". Once again, the library did not disappoint!
Dusting mitts with googly eyes decorate the table. Brilliant!
Pie tin spaceships

Feed the monster game, toss balls into its mouth

The walls were decorated with aliens and monsters for the kids to color

Pin the eye on the alien

They were given a cupcake then they chose various candies to make their cupcake look like a monster

The party closed with a monster pinata

An action-packed weekend meant one tired little boy and one tired Mommy Sunday evening, but it sure was fun!

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Brenda said...

Please tell Jonathan that I love his "new do"!! His haircut is awesome!
sounds like you have been keeping busy with some great activities.
Found some new ideas for our monsters' theme at school--Thanks!