Friday, March 9, 2012

Mom, Why Are You Taking Picture of the Dirty Floor?

That's what Jonathan is asking here. Why, to show you all my progress in getting some things done around here!! I have pulled out the refrigerator and cleaned behind it, vacuumed the coils and banished the dust bunnies. This is when I first pulled it out from the wall.
Quite a bit of dirt under there, but not as as much as I expected. I can't move my stove out by myself, so when Handyman Ken came to take care of a few things, I asked him to move the stove and cleaned underneath it while he worked on other things. It was much worse than under the refrigerator!
 When the washing machine repairmen were here, I asked them to give me a little time to clean the floor under the washer. No pictures, because I had to hurry with two repairmen standing there waiting for me to clean! It feels really good to know these areas have been thoroughly cleaned.
This is a little project Ken did for me. He installed these boards with rows of hooks on the inside of the pantry door. I am trying make use of wasted space, and I love having my measuring cups ready to use without having to dig through a cabinet for them. He also added a high second shelf to the coat closet to store things I don't need very often.

I am making progress, slowly but surely! I hope to do some things outside and in the garage this month. I'll keep you updated! It helps keep me accountable.

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