Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Good Decision

About this time last year, I was struggling with trying to decide which school Jonathan should be enrolled in for kindergarten. I submitted the open enrollment form to the newer school, but after much thoughtful consideration, I decided to send him to our assigned school.We have completed almost 3/4 of a school year at our little school, and I must say, I am happy with everything so far. I feel Jonathan is certainly on track with his education. I am also pleased with all of the extracurricular activities provided by his school, such as the student art fair , and the community involvement, such as the shoe drive, food drive and more.
Today parents received an email that the student's overall MAPS test scores have significantly improved since last year. I was very happy about that!
And speaking of MAPS scores, it seems Jonathan scored very well on his (a little Mom bragging going on here). Based on these, he has been given the opportunity to attend a class at Northern Kentucky University, starting Feb. 18. More about that in a future post!
I feel confident I made the right decision by choosing this school for Jonathan, and I don't have the worry as to whether or not he will be accepted for the following year. I hope the school continues to improve and to provide a well-rounded education for our kids.

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