Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cleaning and Organizing

One of the reasons I haven't been posting very much lately is because I am continuing to get some cleaning and organizing done around here. I am making some progress, although much remains to be done. The spring-like weather we have had lately makes me feel like spring cleaning, so I am getting a little head start!
My linen closet in the upstairs hall houses towels, sheets, toiletries, medicines and more.This is before cleaning and organizing:
After, much better:

I forgot to take a "before" picture of the laundry room. It was a real mess, I have been "hiding" things in there all during the holiday season. Here's a picture of cleaning in progress:

The laundry room also houses the furnace and water heater, and there is a deep area behind the furnace that can get cluttered quickly. It was also cleaned and organized. It's hidden by the curtain.
Here is my favorite sampler, just because I wanted to show it to you.
The coat closet was emptied and cleaned. I forget the before picture of it, too, but here's the "after".
I am currently working on my closet, which is taking awhile. I am trying on clothing and getting rid of things that do not fit or I know I will never wear again. After closets are done, I will move on to kitchen cabinets.
I feel like I am getting some things accomplished, little by little!


Wendi said...

Great job! I got off track with organizing, but hope to get the list started again. Love the pails on the laundry shelf!

Echoes From the Hill said...

Things look great. I love the pails on the shelf in your laundry room.