Friday, May 20, 2011

Goodbye Preschool.....Hello Kindergarten!

I felt many mixed emotions this week as Jonathan completed his last few days of preschool. He had a great two years at a wonderful preschool, and it is sad to see that come to an end. Kindergarten, here we come! It's been well over 30 years since I've had a child in kindergarten, wow! I hope it will be as fun and exciting as preschool has been, for both of us!
Here is Jonathan with a friend and his Monday Thematic Learning class teacher, Mrs. Brenda. She was his 3 year old teacher, too, and she is so great with the kids!Here he is with his Tues-Thurs teacher, Mrs. McDaniel. She, too, has been a wonderful teacher and has Jonathan well prepared for kindergarten.Here is a picture taken during the program they presented to the parents yesterday. It was too cute!! Jonathan is waving to me, I could see him searching the crowd until he spotted me. Hard to keep from crying as these sweet children sang a few songs for us. Such innocence!

Back in his classroom after the program, he received his diploma from Mrs. McDaniel. That makes him officially a kindergartener!

My wish for Jonathan, and all the children, is that they continue to grow and learn, and that they will have the guidance they need from wonderful teachers who care and parents who love them.


Brenda said...

I am missing Jonathan already. It really has been two wonderful years and such a blessing to have been Jonathan's teacher. Kathy, you are such an amazing parent!! Thank you doesn't even begin to express enough appreciation for everything that you did for me and most of all our class.
THANK YOU again!!

CONGRATULATIONS Jonathan on officially being a Kindergarten student!!

Wendi said...

So happy for Jonathan! I know that it is a bittersweet day for you; as it was for me. Our babies are getting so big!!