Monday, January 24, 2011

Tough Decisions

It is almost time to register Jonathan for kindergarten. How is that even possible? Where did these five years go?

I have a decision to make concerning where to enroll him. He will be attending public school, and the one we are assigned is not as close as a newer elementary school. I can enroll him there thru open enrollment in our county, but I have no guarantee he will be able to attend first grade there next year. Or the year after that. Each year I have to reapply and hope they have classroom space for him.

The school where we are assigned is a much older building. I am trying to not judge the book by its cover. I have toured the school and met the principal and one of the kindergarten teachers, no red flags there.

However, I do want the best education possible for him, and a newer facility usually means newer equipment. It's closer to our home, making the drive about 15 minutes shorter. I am calling tomorrow to schedule a tour of that school, and have printed the open enrollment forms from the BOE's website.

Decisions like this are difficult to make on your own. What would you do? Enroll in the newer school and hope & pray the first grade class isn't full next year? Enroll in our assigned school and not run the risk of making new friends, getting used to the building, etc, and then having to switch to this school anyway?

It goes without saying that I want what is best for Jonathan. Sometimes it's just hard to know what that is.


Connie said...

We're going through the same thing! Open enrollment ended on Monday so I'm patiently awaiting the phone calls saying there is space for us at one of the schools.

The one we're assigned to has a low score on Great Schools website and we'd rather he go to a better school.

It's hard to decide!

Good Luck!

Kathy said...

The two schools here are rated pretty much equally on the Great Schools website, only 1 point difference. I am still waiting for the "new" school to return my call with a time to tour it.
Good luck with your enrollment, too, Connie!

Michelle said...

You can always move close to us and send him to Wesley!