Sunday, January 23, 2011

Owls & Birds: Monday Preschool Class

Jonathan's Monday preschool class is Thematic Learning. Each class centers on one thing and the kids learn all about whatever the week's theme is. Today is "Owls & Birds". I try to take a little treat for each child that compliments the theme. I just couldn't find anything for owls & birds! Finally I found sheets of owl stickers at the Parent-Teacher store. The gummy worms were actually Jon's idea. Birds eat worms, right? So today's treat will include a "worm" for each little "bird" to snack on.


Michelle said...

You are too creative!!

Connie said...

What a great idea Kathy!

I found you because of your neice Michelle! I'm an older mom too (40). We have to stick together!!

Roxanna said...

I agree... you are one creative Mom! And little Jonathan had a great idea for the gummy worms!