Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Funny Valentine

Do you live near a Dollar Tree? Do you love them like I do? I am always looking for goodies for Jonathan's preschool class, and I ran across these fun little things for Valentine's Day. They come in a package of four, and I had to try one to see if they did what the package said they would. They do! Take the little packet, shake it, then whack it with your fist--hard--and wait. It will start to grow, and after a couple of minutes, POP!, out comes a cute little Valentine balloon!

All of Jonathan's classmates will be getting one, and they will be tucked into the Valentines I mail my grandchildren. If you are smitten with these like I am, hurry down to Dollar Tree and get a package or two!


Michelle said...

Those are too cool!! It's amazing what you can find at the Dollar Tree!

Roxanna said...

Saw that you was following me so I just had to follow you and I've been reading some of your posts! I will have to go to Dollar tree... These look so cute. I bet even my 10 to 11 preteens at Sunday School would like them... haha :) Thanks for a cute idea.