Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sharks!! More Library Fun

Once again, our fabulous library had a super cute and super fun party for the kids! This one was a Shark Party, and I loved all the special details. Lots of fun games and treats for the kids. I have to share pictures of the party with you. If you ever plan to have a shark or ocean themed birthday party, or just a fun party for kids, here's some great inspiration!
Cupcakes with foam shark fins

Ice shark fins swimming in the punch. A beach towel was the table runner.
Take home treats were shark water guns in a foam cooler, love the presentation

One of our talented library employees made this 9-ft cardboard shark

The shark's mouth
Here are some of the activities.
Each child was given a felt covered cardboard shark fin

A fun cardboard boat to play in

A pool of balloons

Each child drew a shark face on their balloon, then it was tied to their leg

The object was to pop the other balloons while protecting yours. Jonathan was the last man standing!

Feed the shark game: throwing fish in the shark's mouth

Shark's teeth buried in the sand
One of the most clever ideas: pool sharks! a table was covered with ocean patterned paper and cues were made from pool noodles. This was a hit with the boys!

Another game was "Find the Shark Food". Fish were hidden throughout the children's department in the library and the kids had to find them. The child with the most fish won a prize.
The cardboard shark made a great photo booth when the feeding game was over.

This Sunday afternoon is a penguin theme party. I can't wait to see what Miss Janet comes up with for this one! These parties are free, fun and full of good ideas. We have the best library!

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You have the most amazing library!