Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January Progress

It's hard to believe the month is more than half gone! While I have not accomplished a whole lot, I have made some progress.
We've had some very unusual weather this month: days in the 60's, thunderstorms, ice, and just about an inch of snow. I took advantage of the warmer days to work in the garage. I have a long, long way to go, but I have spent several hours sorting through things and properly packing away Christmas ribbons, wrapping paper, etc. A bag was filled for Goodwill and several for the trash. I also took a walk on each of the warmer days, not a long one but 15-20 minutes each, a start.
On Friday the 6th my grandson spent the night. It was wonderful having him here! The boys get along so well. Lots of Nerf basketball and Nerf guns, movies and popcorn. Nerf bullets were everywhere, like this one on up high on the ledge between the kitchen and living room.
 The next night was my granddaughter's turn to stay with Grandma. She brought along her American Girl dolls, too. We did lots of crafts: posters, greeting card and more!
Jonathan worked on his own poster while Eva created hers. She also wanted to cook, so Sunday we made Rice Krispie treats, one of her favorites, and banana bread. She took home the fruits of her labor to share with her family.

It is wonderful to have them so close! We have been treated to lunch out with the four of them, and they have all spent several hours visiting since their return to the area.
I have kept track of every penny I have spent this month (ouch!). Doing this will help me to identify where I can make cuts and to see where the dollars are going. I've made some phone calls to compare rates on insurance costs, etc.
I have removed everything from the pantry to clean and organize it. I'd like to get a few thing to organize it a little better as I figure out what would work in there. I wish it had wood shelving instead of wire, but I'll work with what I have. Any ideas?
We spent last week-end in Lexington visiting my sister, a nice little break! I am working on eBay and Jonathan continues with basketball, karate and school, which keeps both of us busy!
Overall, I am pleased with the progress made in the past two weeks. I plan to continue with my small steps!

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Echoes From the Hill said...

It looks like you have accomplished a lot.
Would some baskets help organize some of the small, similar, items in the pantry?
I keep large jars, like dill pickle jars, etc. to use for things like oatmeal, pasta, etc., in my pantry. I spray paint the lids and they look good. If you don't buy the large jars of pickles, maybe you know someone who does, buht doesn't want the jars. They make free storage space, and keep foods fresh. I usually run them through the dishwasher and then put some baking soda to absorb the odors, esp. dill! After a few days, I put them in the dishwasher again.

How nice that your grandchildren are nearby. Nice for you and for them!