Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday Science: 100 Days of School

We have tried to do a fun and educational science experiment/demonstration/study here at home every Friday. Jonathan doesn't get very much science in his kindergarten curriculum. I must admit we had let it slip during the busy holiday season, and Jonathan has been asking to have his science Fridays back.
Tomorrow is the 100th day of school, so Friday's science was planned with this in mind.
First, he counted 100 ice cubes into a big bowl.

Putting the 100th cube in the bowl!

Exactly 100 ice cubes
Next, we used a 2 cup measure to see how many cups of ice cubes we had.
We had approximately 14 cups of ice. Then Jonathan went to school and we allowed the ice cubes to melt, which took all day! When he got home, we measured the water in the bowl to see how much the 100 ice cubes melted down to.
We measured approximately 6.75 cups of water. We concluded that water will expand to roughly twice its size when frozen. Of course, our measurements weren't scientifically accurate, but close enough for a fun 100 Day of School science lesson!

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Wendi said...

Fun! The 100th day of school for us on Wednesday.