Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break!

Jonathan's spring break started after school on Friday! We are both looking forward to it. Last week was rough, with a virus hitting the household. Jonathan missed his first day of school this year, and I spent the latter part of the week feeling miserable. I'm glad we are both feeling better for his week off.
The week-end was spent catching up on housework, with time out for a litte Easter egg  hunt at a local park. This morning we are off to the library for the annual Hot Wheels extravaganza, Jonathan's favorite! Tomorrow he has his semi-annual trip to the dentist, and then we will see what kind of fun we can find for the remainder of the week.
Do you stay at home or take a trip during spring break? A trip would have been lovely, and although we will be having a "stay-cation", we'll be making the most of a school-free week!


Echoes From the Hill said...

We have gone to Houston the last four years, to the Stock Show, rodeos and concerts. We get to spend the week with some of our grand children, and have a great time.
Hope you have a very nice spring break!

scott davidson said...

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