Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do You Make Comparisons?

This morning I read this thought-provoking post by Amy at The Finer Things In Life. I realized that I do make comparisons, and that most of the time, it does not work in my favor.
I'm older--heavier--not as smart as--insert most anyone's name. I don't keep house as well as ______. I don't cook as well as ______. I don't manage my money as well as________. I wish I could do ______ like ________ can.
It goes on and on. Comparisons such as these can only bring you down and they take a lot of mental energy. They are not upbuilding and they aren't good for anyone. For me, when I compare myself to others I always come up short. I feel I am lacking. Not a pleasant feeling.
Everyone has a different reality. We really can't compare ourselves and our situation to another's. If we aren't careful, we can become smug in our comparisons. I would never do that! I'd handle that differently! Too much of that is just as harmful as feeling you aren't up to par with others.
We each have a responsibility to be our best self. Comparing our progress from yesterday to today is challenge enough. can look around and see others who have or do more than you as well as those who have and do less than you.  None of that matters. We need to be true to ourselves, challenge ourselves to improve, be kind to ourselves and others. Accept help when we need to, give help when we can. Learn from others, but stop the needless comparisons.
Easier said than done, but I plan to work on it!

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Echoes From the Hill said...

I think most of us do that. It isn't helpful, and is self-defeating.
I think each of us has areas that we can improve, but we also have areas in which we we do very well.
We have to remind ourselves of the areas in which we are very competent.

Great food for thought.