Saturday, December 17, 2011

Junior Achievement

I was asked by Jonathan's teacher if I would be willing to volunteer to teach a Junior Achievement class. It is a series of five 1/2 hour classes, designed to teach children about work ethics and money management. I was a little reluctant at first, because they all had to be done by the end of the semester. That meant a time commitment of several hours during this most busy of months! However, I am so glad I did this and I would do it again if asked!
It was a great opportunity to meet Jonathan's classmates and see how they work together. I truly enjoyed the time I spent with them, they are all so bright and so sweet! Our lessons were pretty basic for kindergarten. We learned about bartering (trading eggs from the farm for flour), earning money by making something to sell, identifying coins, the benefits of saving some of our earnings, and working together to accomplish something for a common good. They took their studies quite seriously!
After our last class, they were awarded Certificates of Achievement for a job well done!
I made lots of new friends and am so happy I was able to spend this time with the children.

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