Sunday, December 18, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

Only one more week! Christmas is almost here! It is sure to be a busy week, but hopefully a fun one, too. I will try to post glimpses of our holiday each day.
Jonathan is out of school until next year. He had his party at school on Friday. The kids decorated their own cookies (I baked 5 dozen sugar cookies Thursday night!), had a snowball fight with tissue paper rolled into balls, had a book exchange and more.
With his teacher

Snowball fight!
Hot potato book exchange
 After Jonathan's basketball game yesterday morning, we stayed home. I cleaned all day, then last night we had our Family Room Camp-Out. The couch in there is a sofa bed, so we pull it out, pile it high with quilts and pillows, order pizza, pop popcorn, watch movies, and play games by the glow of the fireplace and the Christmas lights. This is one of Jonathan's favorite traditions. Then we do this:
Here are a few glimpses of the decorated living room. I love this antique Christmas quilt! It is beautifully quilted and is a true work of art. It comes out to hang on the wall each year. The Santas along the ledge were given to me by my cousin when she pared down her collection.
 More Santas and Christmas books, as well as some greetings of the season on the shelf.
 Pictures of Jonathan with Santa each year, it's fun to see how much he has grown each year.
I hope your week is filled with crazy fun as you prepare for Christmas!

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Echoes From the Hill said...

What great traditions! So many memories in the making.